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Wireless Security:

Wireless LAN security has come of age with the wealth of hardware and software products that have recently emerged on the market to address this challenging need. Solutions abound at every layer of the ISO model.

WirelessTEK supports a host of Layer 1, 2 and 3 products and technologies as components of a fully certified AAA1 security policy. A good WLAN security audit should include checks in all of these key areas.


It all starts with good network security policies. Mandates of strong passwords on all network resources, especially Access Points/Switches/Routers (wired and wireless) and all servers are essential to good security. WirelessTEK can audit your WLAN resources to be sure your passwords cannot easily be determined.


Have you thought about rogue AP’s? Do you think you don’t have any? Think again, and think about it often. A rogue AP on your backbone, inside any wireless gateway/firewall, can be a major problem as it will completely bypasses all other access control. A carefully configured rogue may not be easily detected. You may have a rogue AP, even if you don’t (officially) have a WLAN. With the proliferation of cheap home networking components, employees can deploy their own WLANs without notice or approval.


Coupled with your organization’s strong security policies and extensive user education, WirelessTEK can help you with the challenge of selecting and implementing a security strategy at several layers of the OSI networking model.

Those solutions include:


Layer I

Physical Security

Control physical access to network facilities and resources

Protect console ports, reset-reload switches and prevent theft.


WirelessTEK lockable access point enclosures

Rogue Access Points


WirelessTEK Security Audit with Rogue AP Sweep


Layer II

Network Access Control

802.1x – Simple, authenticated on/off access to the network. Also protects against attacks against wireless clients. Most implementations also provide encryption.

Segmentation Devices - Provides fine-grained authentication and access control. Can limit client access to network resources based on userid/role as well as provide some QoS/CoS control. Can also include additional layers of very strong encryption.


Enterprise Wireless Gateways



Layer III




Enterprise Wireless Gateways




Network Security


Whether you network is small or large, network security is critical. We provide the latest security solutions, including internet firewalls and content filtering software to ensure your information is protected.

Internet Security
Your business faces a variety of threats from the internet. Threats include unauthorized access your network and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks designed to disable your network. Internet firewalls and content inspection software can help keep your network safe. WirelessTEK delivers the right firewall and software solution to keep your network safe from a variety of internet based attacks. Our experts ensure your system stays up-to-date to ensure constant protection.


User Security
What about security inside your network? Do your employees only have access to the files and applications they should have access to? Internal security threats exist when users have too much access to files or programs. WirelssTEK provides technologies that let you delegate access to employees ensuring only authorized users have access to the information you choose.


Internet and Email Security
What is the biggest security risk in your network? Employees… Unrestricted internet and email use by employees can open doors to attackers and put your organization at risk. In addition to security threats, unrestricted internet and email activity by employees’ decreases productivity, increases legal liability and wastes valuable network resources. WirelessTEK provides solutions that can restrict excessive or inappropriate internet and email use, and provides easy to understand reports to company administrators outlining internet and email use by employee.


Features and Benefits

• Internet firewalls protect your network from Internet based attacks
• User security solutions protect your internal files and applications from unauthorized employee access
• Internet and email security products restrict employee access to unauthorized websites and limits email sending
• Reporting tools give management overviews of employee internet and email activity


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