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How to Map a Network Drive


There may be a resource on your network that you can view in My Network Places, but you hate all the clicking and waiting that it takes to get to it.  Try mapping a drive instead.  Then you can use the drive letter, just like your hard drive.

  1. Open My Network Places, and find the network resource you want to map a drive to.  For Example, Server1/CDROM.
  2. Right-click the resource (in the example above, the CDROM folder), and choose "Map Network Drive..." from the small menu that appears.
  3. Choose the letter that you want to use for the drive (in the drop-down menu next to the word "Drive:", and click "Finish" 
  4. That's it!  Now, you can access the network resource by opening My Computer, and then opening the drive letter used in the previous step.




  1. Before you click "Finish," in Step 3, there are other options that you can choose, such as using a different user name (if your user account doesn't have permissions to the resource's
  2. Before you click "Finish," in Step 3, another option you can choose by checking the box is to have the drive to that resource be mapped at each reboot.  Without checking that option, the drive mapping will be lost next time you
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