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La Clinica de La Raza organization in one of Oakland largest non profit medical centers, is dedicated to providing healthcare to low-income communities in East Oakland and surrounding communities in Alameda Country, Pittsburg in East Contra Costa County and Vallejo in Solano County.  LaClinica de La Raza  services provided include medical, dental, eye, mental health, health education, case management, and Nutrition. LaClinica de La Raza herein referred to as La Clinica was established in 1971, and currently operates out of eleven clinic-owned buildings and seven leased spaces Some of these operations will be consolidated in a new facility being constructed within two miles of the Fruitvale Campus in East Oakland and should be completed by end of 2003. Those who receive care at La Clínica de La Raza are primarily low income, people of color. The majority of La Clínica's clients are women and children. Over 100,000 clients have been served with more than 1 million visits provided. More than 10,000 healthy babies have been brought into this world with the help of La Clínica de La Raza.


La Clinica realized and recognized there excessive growth rate would not support their current network or infrastructure and contracted WirelessTEK do in complete network analysis and audit of their facilities and develop a new scalable and reliable network design. Eliminating their serial non routed networks and replacing them with a routed and wireless network to support La Clinica AS 400 and Windows servers for patient billing, Medical records, Pharmacy and data services. Install internet access, e-mail and data services for all locations. WirelessTEK design and installed all the fiber and CAT-5 cabling connecting network equipment and users to the network. Senior network engineer Dean Birdsall came up with the network hardware design, IP address scheme, routing scheme and security policy to support LaClinica current network and future networking needs.  WirelessTEK installed WatchGuard FireBox II firewalls and Cisco PIXs firewall, Cisco 2600/3600 routers and Cisco Aireonet bridges and wireless access point’s equipment to connect all the remote location and other clinics that need access to data services. All work had to be done with little to no network interruptions since some of the clinics work late in the evenings and network outage would hindrance La Clinica users and patients.  One of La Clinica major concerns was security La Clinica lets other none La Clinica own clinics us their main server for cretin application such as medial billing WirelessTEK setup security policy and access-list to accomplish these security issues. La Clinica is in the process of building a new medical facility and WirelessTEK is working very closely with La Clinica to bring the new center into their network in a cost-conscious and timely manner.





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