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WirelessTEK designed a portable Tech Cart for American Honda Training centers which is basically a Dell computer and monitor running Windows 2000, printer, and other miscellaneous tools all connected to an APC back-up power supply.  The tech carts are changed every evening which lets the students coming in the next day a fully operational system. When the students   This allows their students to roam from one vehicle to another wireless and access all their online services such as Honda Part catalogs, Honda Service Manuals, Technical Service Bulletins, and array of  other Diagnostics tools. The wireless Tech Carts allows American Honda students more time for hands on experience instead of wasting time walking between the classrooms and the service bays their have all the information right when they need it. 


WirelessTEK Engineer designed a secure and scaleable solution using Cisco Aironet 340 Access Points and Network Interface Cards for all Honda training center across the US.

Each site had an extensive site survey completed to make sure the training center had proper RF signal were wireless access was needed.  WirelessTEK install and configured the Cisco 340 Access point with performance and security measures.  Each Tech Cart was configures with the precise antenna and wireless Network Interface Cards to allow the student complete mobility though out the training area.


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