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WirelessTEK Designs And Implements An All Access Wireless Network
At Azusa Pacific University


When Azusa Pacific University (APU) in southern California wanted to implement a wireless network throughout its campus, university officials came to WirelessTEK for help designing and building the infrastructure.  Founded in 1899, APU is an evangelical Christian community with a campus of 6,000 students.  The university is located in Azusa, 30 miles east of Los Angeles.


The purpose of setting up a wireless network was to provide students and staff personnel with the mobility and ability to get information (i.e., classroom or instructor material, e-mail, and collaborative data) anywhere on campus.  This includes on-campus dormitories, green spaces, all classrooms, laboratories, eateries, the library, and the student union.  The wireless network being installed has three phases encompassing 25 buildings and a dozen portable structures at the campus.


APU has named the wireless project “All Access,” denoting the capability for students to have unlimited access to resources they need.  Signs throughout the campus let students and faculty know the All Access network is


available.  WirelessTEK designed a security policy that requires authentication that operates over Extensible Authentication Protocols.  The design was based on Cisco Aironet technology.  Establishing the best locations for access points required WirelessTEK to survey radio frequencies.


“We are very excited because we believe “All Access” provides the best environment for our students and faculty to collaborate with each other in an environment unfettered by time or place.  Early indications are that the network designed and implemented by WirelessTEK will be extensively used.  We also see this system as an attraction for prospective students,” said Don Davis, APU director of collaborative research.


The university offers students an opportunity to lease or buy an IBM notebook with integrated wireless adapters.  Students with their own personal computer can buy a wireless PC client adapter at the campus computer store.


APU plans to establish wireless networks at its six regional centers throughout Southern California, which WirelessTEK has already implemented.



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